Alright, as slow as this place is now, I know that there are at least a few of us around who want to make this wiki into something. There's quite a lot of basic material here we still need to tackle: enemies, items, stages, images, bosses, etc. Much appreciated to everybody still doing their their, but you've got to admit that there's still a ways to go and it's been pretty slow-going so far.

So, I think that we all need to come together and start doing some talking and some planning in order to really get things going around here. We need to discuss what pages we need, what those pages need to be informative, and design uniform layouts that make it easy for users to come in and see what needs to be done. I suggest we pool our focus towards the stages and the contents therein first, including the boss fights, enemies, and items, so that this place can at least serve as something of a guide for players, before moving on to other things like the story.

Another thing it looks we might have to do is appoint new people to the admin and bureaucrat positions. I've not been here long and I'm honestly not very experienced with the finer details on wikias, but as far as I can tell our only admin/bureaucrat hasn't been seen for two years and it's kind of important that we have one. I'm actually currently working toward making myself eligible for the position in accordance with the wikia adoption guidelines, but only because I'm not sure if there's anybody else willing to step up to the plate. Again, I'm still learning how to properly edit pages, so I'd honestly prefer if someone more capable and knowleageable were to take the position instead. The most I can really offer is a determination to make this work and a willingness to learn. I'd probably spend much of my time trying to gather up and appoint people who actually know what they're doing though.

So, what do you guys think? Any plans for the pages? Who amongst us should adopt the wiki?