Battalion Transparent
Model Number Mighty No. 5
Nickname Bat
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
Gender ♂ Male
Eyes Yellow
• Technical data•
Height 305 cm
Weight 600 kg
Xel 120,000,000
HP 100 Units
Abilities Multiple weapons throughout body
Weakness ReXelection/Variation Code: Cryosphere (MN9)
"Freeze" Element (MGB)
• Personal information•
Status Active
Affiliation SANDA Technologies
Family Dr. White - Creator
Mighty Numbers - Siblings
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9
• Voice actors•
Japanese Naomi Kusumi
English Brian T. Delany
French Antoine Tomé
"Base capturing robot specialized in mid-range to long-range bombardment. Utilizes a Gatling gun for crowd control and a head-mounted revolver for bombardment. Demonstrates high faculty for tactics and strategic planning."
- Stage Select Description

Mighty No. 5, Battalion, is the fifth robot in Dr. White's Mighty Numbers line.


Battalion's body is based around artillery, particularly machine guns. His main body is green, with red arms and green legs with red covers. He has a yellow spiked weapon on his right arm and a long, yellow-green machine gun on his left arm. He is 305cm/10ft tall, and weighs 600kg/1323lbs.

Story Edit

Battalion went berserk along with the other seven Mighty Numbers. He took over an abandoned Military Base in an attempt to raise an robot army and invade the city.

When he is defeated, he will be ordered by Dr. White to assist Beck in the Mines. He will help by destroying drills and clearing a path.

He will also appear in the Robot Factory stage with all of the other Mighty Numbers to assist Beck.

Personality Edit

While affected by the virus, Battalion will behave like a stereotypical war sergeant, insulting Beck throughout the stage and urging him to fight on.

After he is defeated, he becomes less aggressive, but keeps his stereotypical military speech pattern.


Battalion has a large arsenal of heavy weapons. He can use the Gatling gun attached to his left arm or fire missiles from his legs. He can also use the spikes attached to his right arm to hang from the ceiling.

Battalion's most devastating ability is the missile he can fire from the revolver on his head. The projectile hits with a great amount of force, and can be attached to surfaces. Battalion is capable of later detonating the missile, causing a large explosion.


Battalion's development was first started when the team wanted to make a boss with a heavy military weapon theme. Inafune decided to base him on the Gatling gun, as it is a personal favorite of his and "packs a lot of aesthetic impact" [1] (In fact the kanji characters GA-TO-RI-N-GU are across the top of the design image.) Battalion's design was originally quite humanoid and complex, until Inafune felt that he needed simplified. He urged the team to go from a human design to a robot that looks like a Gatling gun with limbs. At this point, the team decided to establish the concepts of the other 8 bosses first. Going from his rough silhouette, they brainstormed more and decided to create the design he currently holds.

Boss Battle Edit


Battalion has multiple ways of attacking, however, it is also easy to avoid these attacks.

Battalion will move around the room by attempting to hop on the player. These hops usually leave enough space under for you to dash under. He will also occasionally hop away from the player or into the ceiling.

When Battalion uses his Gatling gun on the ground, he will fire two rounds; one straight ahead, and one with the bullets spreading upwards. To avoid this, head towards the opposite wall and jump over the first round, and let the second round fly over your head. If Battalion is close to the middle of the room when doing this attack, you can also simply dash over him and stand behind him.

If Battalion is hanging from the ceiling, he will always use his Gatling gun. The shots will fan out in your direction, but depending on the distance between Battalion and yourself, you can either jump over the shots or dash behind him to avoid the attack.

Battalion can fire small missiles in your direction. If he does it while up against a wall, wait until the missiles reach about the middle of the room, then jump and dash over them at the peak of your jump. Beware not to dash into Battalion himself. If he does this attack in the middle of the room, you can get away with just dashing over him.

Battalion's most deadly attack is the large missile he fires from the revolver on his head. At half health, he will hop to one side of the room and take aim. If you have voice acting on, listen and jump as high as you can as soon as he says "FIRE." You can also use your dash to say airborne longer if you jump too early. If you have voice acting off, start preparing yourself when you see the tip of the revolver glowing. If this missile hits you, it will kill you instantly.

If you avoid the missile, it will stick into the wall. Battalion will continue to use his other attacks; however, at any time during the fight, Battalion can raise his arm to trigger the missile. When he does this, get away from the missile immediately. It will detonate and create a grand explosion that covers half the screen and does heavy damage.

In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Battalion now has the ability of separating his body parts, allowing him to attack from different directions (similar to Asroc's special attack from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2). And he can also summon enemies into the battle.



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