The City is the introductory stage of Mighty No. 9. It takes on a freeway and in a part of SANDA Technologies in an unnamed city as berserk robots rampage and cause destruction. The Round Digger is the boss of this stage. Just like the Robot Factory and the Battle Colosseum, this stage is located in California.


Beck's CampaignEdit

After robots suddenly start going berserk, Beck heads toward a freeway in the city, where he encounters Dr. White. Dr. White tasks Beck with forging a secure path to the SANDA Technologies laboratory while he monitors his progress. Beck makes his way through the crumbling roads of the city and catches a news broadcast of Gregory Graham of Cherry Dynamics denying responsibility for the disaster, but the broadcast is suddenly interrupted by an out of control Aviator. Beck engages several hostile robots and learns how to use his ability to absorb and assimilate Xels. Meanwhile, Dr. Sanda contacts Dr. White from the SANDA Technologies laboratory and urges them to get there quickly. Beck eventually reaches an underground bunker in SANDA Technologies and finds that a rampaging Round Digger has tunneled its way in. Fearing that it may destroy the entire laboratory if left unchecked, Beck battles and defeats the Round Digger and restores it to normal.

Ray's CampaignEdit

After her encounter with Beck in the abandoned laboratory, Ray heads out in search of answers about her past. Recognizing the name "Sanda" from a SANDA Technologies logo, she goes to the city to find the SANDA Technologies Headquarters. Ray makes her way through the destroyed streets and hordes of berserk robots, including the Round Digger. She soon notices that there is something familiar about the taste of the Xels of the SANDA Technologies robots. She theorizes that she may be able to learn more by consuming more SANDA robot Xels and heads onward in search of them.


Bonuses Edit

For bonuses related to the stage's boss see Round Digger.

In StageEdit

  • Sprinter - Starts just after the first Dust Boxer, past the small Recovery Xel and the broken archway in the background. Ends just past the second Dust Boxer.
  • Sprinter - Starts after stepping off the second chunk of freeway that the Round Digger causes to fall with dynamite. Ends near the top of the ladder that leads back up to the freeway.
  • Quick Clear - Quickly defeat the waves of enemies that spawn just after the ladder back up to the freeway.
  • Sprinter - Starts after crouch dashing into the corridor fulls of Blockade. Ends after the last Blockade at the end of the corridor.


  • Clear Time - 4:00 for minimum bonus.
  • Kills - 42 kills for minimum bonus.
  • Combo - 15 for minimum bonus

Rank RequirementsEdit

  • S Rank: 64,500 points
  • A Rank: 35,250 points
  • B Rank: 24,250 points
  • C Rank: 10,500 points

Music Edit

Stage Theme (Beck Campaign)
It All Begins Now
01 It All Begins Now

Stage Theme (Beck Campaign) (Retro Version)
It All Begins Now (Retro Version)

Stage Theme (Ray Campaign)
Feeling Alive

Stage Theme (Ray Campaign) (Retro Version)
Feeling Alive (Retro Version)


  • Alongside Pyrogen and an unnamed robot, the robots featured on the Battle Colosseum billboard in the intro cutscene are derived from designs submitted by backers who participated in one of the KIMOKIMO Cup contests held on the official forums.


Concept Art Edit