Gregory Graham
Guregorī Gurahamu
Mr. Toothpick legs. jpeg
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Yellow
Eyes Purple
• Technical data•
Affiliation Cherry Dynamics (CEO)
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9
• Voice actors•
Japanese Takehito Koyasu
English Scott Whyte
French Sylvain Agaesse

Gregory Graham is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Cherry Dynamics, the highest rated robot manufacturing company in the world. He is also a very important and respected man throughout the world. He is pointed out to be the possible primary antagonist of the game.


His appearance, as so, is a tall stocky young man with somewhat of a slanted shaped face, spiky honey colored hair with a wacky strand of hair popping out of one side of his head (which may resemble Cherry Dynamics' emblem), violet eyes, long purple eyebrows, and a pointed nose. His attire is a suit of what a businessman would usually wear, a purple tail coat and pants, four gold buttons on the blazer and two cuffs the same color, and black shoes.

Story Edit

Gregory Graham was first seen on the news when Cherry Dynamics was being pressed by the news about why the robots were going out of control in more than 52 states. He tells the press that Dr. Blackwell is the one behind the incident and that it wasn't their fault, not long before the news feed got cut off from Aviator's sudden broadcast as seen in the City stage. Graham was seen again taking phone calls from the senator and his superior about some secret information going on. He is infuriated that Blackwell is getting the better of him knowing that he is in the maximum security prison.

After the 8 mighty bosses are beaten, Graham contacts SANDA Technologies Headquarters for Dr. Sanda. He requests help to shut down the CherryDyn Robot Factory that began making out of control, stronger machines. Graham shows distrust to Sanda and Professor White during the call.

It is later revealed that Graham was the one leading the cyber terrorist attack, and got Dr. Blackwell framed for it and locked up in prison after he stopped it. Sometime before the incident began, He activated Trinity, for Cherry Dynamics' recent success in business, but was unaware of Trinity's growing and evolving capabilities. He blames everyone he was involved with since he didn't know about it.

He then recognized Professor White as Bill Blackwell, the son of Dr. Blackwell, although White says he left that name long ago and wasn't himself for a long time.

It is unknown what happened to Gregory Graham at this point.


  • During one of the cutscenes, Graham a folder containing information about Trinity on his desk, a closer look on these files reveals Trinity's battle strategy.
  • Based on the concept art for the concept art, is possible that he was originally intended to have some kind of female maid/assistant. [citation needed]
  • On the Red Ash Prototype, which uses Mighty No. 9 assets as placeholders, Graham talks about the upcoming mayor elections[1], his favorite candidate is Masha Sisenoch. According to the Red Ash Kickstarter update about the ballot results, he’s probably pretty disappointed after Masha did not win the election. [2] (Altough, none of this is canon)



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