Model Number CDN. Err
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
• Technical data•
Height 333 cm
Weight 1009 kg
Xel 201,800,000
HP  ???
Affiliation Cherry Dynamics
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9

K9, serial number CDN. Err, is a dog-like guard robot created by Cherry Dynamics and a boss enemy that appears in the Prison stage.


After Beck successfully cured the last of the Mighty Numbers of the mysterious virus, Call and Dr. Sanda infiltrated the prison in which Dr. Blackwell was being held to collect more information about the cause of the virus. K9 attacked them as they rode an elevator to the deepest levels of the prison, but Call used information provided by Aviator to defeat K9 and gain access to Dr. Blackwell's cell.

Boss BattleEdit

K9 must be fought with Call. It will attack by trying to leap on her, or by firing a salvo of bullets from its mouth cannon. Its only vulnerable point is the vision camera above its mouth, which Call will have to jump and shoot until it is destroyed. Without its vision camera, K9 will leap blindly across the room until it collides with a wall, then turn around and start firing its mouth cannon. Call can either use her barrier to deflect K9's bullets, or crouch under its jaw and crawl away before K9 resumes its attack stance to avoid being hit.

Once K9 finishes firing, it will howl to call in a Propellifter, which will try to drop a crate on Call. The crate may contain a Shackle Bomb or a Punisher, either of which K9 will eat when they get close enough to it. If K9 eats a Shackle Bomb, it will take severe damage and begin leaping across the room again; if it eats a Punisher, its vision camera will be restored, and Call will have to destroy it again to make K9 call in another Propellifter.

Fine Play bonusEdit

  • Deflect its shots with the shield
  • Make it eat a Shackle Bomb


  • K9's name is a play on the word "canine", a term for a member of the dog family.
    • K9 can also refer to trained police dogs, referencing the boss' position as the guard of the prison.