The Kimo Kimo Cup Robot Design Contest is a contest held by Comcept where Backers can participate in designing their own Mighty Robots that will appear in Mighty No. 9 in a cameo. 

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A Robot Design Contest where Backers get to design their own Mighty Robot and then get redesigned by Keji Inafune with some small advice

Each contest had it's own theme, while trying to make it represent the country the artist was from. Later, a second wave of entries was announced to be in the game as well.

Contest Winners & Redesign by Keji Inafune

Wave 1Edit

  1. Fire & Ice - KurowaSan (No.36731) Pineapple Grenade
  2. Water & WInd - Pontata (No.7447) Merlion
  3. Lightning & Earth - Eyz (No.69484) Landcrusher
  4. Free-for-all - TronBonneArt (No.47318) Sky-Tower

Wave 2Edit

  1. PressStart (No,250) Plume
  2. Mnemosyne (No.38964) RobotHood
  3. Atom (No.13794) Fujinni
  4. Qinn (No.36922) and KunowaSan (No.36731) Kimeu-Kimeu Bastet


Pineapple GrenadeEdit



Sky TowerEdit