Apple No. 1Arin HansonAviator
AxecuterBattalionBattle Colosseum
Battle Colosseum (Stage)BeckBeck/Gallery
BlockadeBoom HopperBrandish
CallCall/GalleryCapitol Building
Cherry DynamicsCinder SpireCity
CryosphereDr. BlackwellDr. Sanda
Dr. WhiteDust BoxerDynatron
Every PolisherFort FlyGantry
Gregory GrahamGunvoltHighway
Inti CreatesIppo YamadaK9
Keiji InafuneKimo Kimo Cup Robot Design ContestKlift
List of Enemies that Appear in Mighty No. 9Manami MatsumaeMarimock
MegaXel FormMighty GunvoltMighty Gunvolt Burst
Mighty Gunvolt Burst/Patch NotesMighty No. 9Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series
Mighty No. 9 Original SoundtrackMighty No. 9 WikiMighty Numbers
Military BaseMineMoniflage
Moto ChaserNamelessNaoya Tomita
NutallOil PlatformP-Link
PatchPatlaPico Police
Power PlantPrisonPropellifter
PropyPunisherPunk Rolley
PyrogenQuarryRadio Tower
RayReXelectionReXelection: Aviator
ReXelection: BattalionReXelection: BrandishReXelection: Countershade
ReXelection: CryosphereReXelection: DynatronReXelection: Pyrogen
ReXelection: SeismicRebuilderRobosec
Robot FactoryRound DiggerSANDA Technologies
SANDA Technologies HeadquartersScrew JawSeijiro Sanda
SeismicSemi Maru-CanonShackle Bomb
TrinityTwin MixerTwintenna
ValveerVariation CodeVermilion Destroyer
Vernier Head and Pliers HeadWater Works BureauXel

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