MegaXel Form
Usable By Beck
Games Mighty No. 9

MegaXel Form is a Transformation used in Mighty No. 9. It was give as a DLC weapon for all the backers that pledged $60 or more. It can't be used by Ray.



Upon transformation, Beck grows a bright antenna on his visor, his body is segmented four different colors, like the Xel's side, and has a smiley Xel face on his chest. And when shooting, Beck's cannon adquires a cubic shape.


When used, Beck's spawns a small Xel that is used as a turret. Whenever a enemy enters the turret's sight, this will start to shoot a rainbow-colored laser. The turrets disappear over time. This weapon can be placed on 4 different directions.

Beck's ReXelections
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