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Mighty No. 7 is the seventh robot in Dr. White's mighty robot line. He was the last Mighty No. to be presented to the public.


Mighty No. 7 is red with a yellow scarf, similar to Proto Man of the Mega Man series. His armor is very similar to Beck, though with a red color sceme. His helmet features an extended chin and a protruding back piece. He carries two black, scissor-like blades with orange edges, red handles and white cloth wrapped around the guards.


Mighty No. 7 wields two swords that resemble a pair of scissors. He displays extreme proficiency and agility in using them.



  • Mighty No. 7 resembles a combination of Mega Man characters:
    • Cut Man's scissor motif, (Mega Man series)
    • Proto Man's color scheme, the yellow scarf and relationship/connection to his brother. (Mega Man series)
    • and Zero's color scheme, serious demeanor and swordsmanship. (Mega Man X series)
  • Mighty No. 7's swords greatly resemble Emil Castagnier's swords from the Wii game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


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