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Mighty No. 7 is the seventh robot in Dr. White's mighty robot line. He was the last Mighty No. to be presented to the public.


Mighty No. 7's appearance is red, his eyes are blue with a yellow sclera giving him a grim and serious look, and a long, flowing yellow scarf. His armor body is very similar to Beck's but with a red color sceme, he dons a chest jacket with a solid green ring collar, yellow-green sphere shoulders, two white rings around his wrists complete with fingerless gloves, and his leg boots resembles cowboy boots with his number "07" on his left boot. His helmet features ear phones, scissor-like horns, a white visor, an extended chin guard piece, and a protruding back piece. He carries two black, scissor-like blades with orange edges, red handles and white cloth wrapped around the guards.


His role in the story is not yet revealed but Comcept is planning him to be brother figure towards Beck.


Mighty No. 7 wields dual swords that resemble a pair of scissors. He displays extreme proficiency and agility in using them.



  • Mighty No. 7 resembles an amalgam of different Mega Man characters:
    • Cut Man's scissor motif (Mega Man series).
    • Proto Man's color scheme, his iconic yellow scarf, and the brother relationship/connection to Mega Man (Mega Man series).
    • Zero's color scheme, serious demeanor, swordsmanship (Mega Man X series), and Zero's later body structure, blade-like horns on his helmet, and a chest jacket (Mega Man Zero series).
    • Siarnaq Model P form's lower chin guard piece (Mega Man ZX series) and both Siarnaq and Shadow Man's ninja theme (Mega Man series).
  • Mighty No. 7's swords greatly resemble Ryuko Matoi's red scissor blade from the series Kill la Kill and Emil Castagnier's swords from the Wii game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


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