Model Number CDN. XXX
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
• Technical data•
Height 774 cm
Weight 4046 kg
Xel 809,200,000
HP  ???
Weakness ReXelection: Battalion
Affiliation Cherry Dynamics
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9

Nameless, serial number CDN. XXX, is a tank-like military robot created by the rogue A.I. of a Cherry Dynamics factory and a boss enemy that appears in the Robot Factory stage. It serves as a guardian and attack robot for the factory's virus-infected mainframe M.O.M.

Boss BattleEdit

Nameless' weakness it's in its eye. The player it's standing over a constantly moving conveyor belt. Once Nameless is destroyed, the platform under it can be use by the player to directly attack M.O.M.. Many Nameless are being created in the background, so the player has to attack as fast as they can. Nameless attack pattern depend of the remaining health of M.O.M.. For its firt attack, Nameless will lauch its arms, one in horizontal direction and the other on vertical direction. The player must dodge the horizontal one inmediately, and once the horizontal backs up the vertical one will fall on the player's currect position. Alternatively, Nameless will lauch its both arms vertically to the playar's position. When M.O.M. is 2/3 of its health, after repeating the first attack, Nameless will charge against while the conveyer belt moves the player toward it. If the player doesn't manage to destroy Nameless quick enough, Nameless will crush them against the wall. When M.O.M. has reached 1/3 of its health, Nameless will protect its eye and will lauch bombs that fall from the ceiling while the conveyor belt moves back and forward.

Fine Play BonusEdit

  • Use ReXelection: Seismic to bump agaisnt the horizontal arm
  • Destroy 16 falling bombs
  • AcXelerate into it during its charge attack


  • Despite being designated with the "CDN" serial number, Nameless is actually designed and created by the Robot Factory's rogue A.I. itself without any input from Cherry Dynamics or any of its employees.
  • Nameless is actually a mass produced robot rather than a single entity even though the player fights it as a single boss. Every time one is destroyed the factory just builds another one and replaces it using its chassis until the factory mainframe is defeated.