Patches (パッチ Patchi) are flying item/Xel delivery service robots of varying color and size. They also serve as a jetpack add-on and an energy shield battery for Call. They can be seen at checkpoints and appear in front of players to give them helpful items when they die too often. They can also be seen lying around near Call's section of the mission select screen.

In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Patches assists Call on her campaing, where they will help Call to destroy enemies, she can carry up to four Patches at the same time. There are three different kinds of Patches with different abilities:

  • Normal (Red): Attacks to the enemy and quickly return.
  • Homing (Blue): Automatically flies toward enemies.
  • Crusher (Yellow): Locks onto enemies and continuously attacks.


  • After all of the 8 Mighty Numbers are defeated, all of the occupants of the mission select screen are replaced with Patches, complete with new dialogue that matches their robotic nature. This is a reference on how the scientists and Call are out on a mission and they were put in charge of the facility while they are away.
  • Patch robots seem to be based on Eddie (or Flip-Top) from Mega Man 4, as both are support characters that deliver helpful items to the player.


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