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The Prison is one of the penultimate stages in Mighty No. 9, along with the Robot Factory. K9 is the boss of this stage.


The Prison is where Dr. Blackwell, the inventor of Xel, has been incarcerated ever since Gregory Graham framed him for launching a cyber terrorist attack. After Beck subdued the last of the rampaging Mighty Numbers, Dr. Sanda and Call infiltrated the Prison to speak with Dr. Blackwell and ask him what caused the robots to go berserk. While Dr. White supervised Beck and the rest of the Mighty Numbers as they attacked the Robot Factory, Call collected key cards that she needed to access the deepest levels of the Prison while eluding traps and sentry robots. She and Dr. Sanda encountered the robot guard dog K9 on an elevator, but Call defeated it with some advice from Aviator and gained access to Dr. Blackwell's cell.


Stage Theme
Sneak into the Prison

Stage Theme (Retro Version)
Sneak into the Prison (Retro Version)


  • This is the only stage in which Call is playable and Beck is not.
  • The first notes from the background music are similar to the title screen theme.

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