ReXelection: Aviator
Obtained From Aviator
Usable By Beck
Effective Against Pyrogen
Games Mighty No. 9

ReXelection: Aviator, also known as Gyro Boomerang, is a ReXelection used in Mighty No. 9. It is obtained by defeating Mighty No. 6, Aviator, as Beck. Ray's equivalent is Variation Code: Aviator.


Upon transformation, Beck gets a small helicopter's tail on the back of his head, similar to Aviator's back, and a pair of wings under his arms. When using it, Beck's hand tranform into a big propeller. His body changes to match Aviator's colors.


When used, Beck's hand tranform into a big propeller than can protect Beck and destroy hazards above Beck. If Beck is holding the attack button and jumps, the jump will be higher and Beck will descend slowly. When the attack button is released, the propeller will be shooted from Beck's arm and act like a boomerang moving back and fowards. however, it can be cancelled by pressing the attack button again.

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