ReXelection: Countershade
Selection 1-007
Obtained From Countershade
Usable By Beck
Effective Against Aviator
Games Mighty No. 9

ReXelection: Countershade, also known as Reflect Shoot, is a ReXelection used in Mighty No. 9. It is obtained by defeating Mighty No. 8, Countershade, as Beck. Ray's equivalent is Variation Code: Countershade.


Upon transformation, Beck gains a E-2C Hawkeye dish on his back, resembling Countershade's hat, and his default canon is replaced by Countershade's gun. His body also changes its colors into Countershade's palette. The gray buttons on his chest become golden, his legs ared asymetrically colored, just like Countershade.


When used, Beck shoots a bullet than can ricochet against the walls, floors and ceilings, always hitting the nearest enemy. If there's more than a enemy on screen, the bullet will hit the first enemy and ricochet into other enemy, and so successively until destroying one of the enemies or until the bullet disappears.

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