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The Robot Factory is one of the penultimate stages in Mighty No. 9, the other one being the Prison. Nameless and M.O.M. are the bosses of this stage. Just like the City and the Battle Colosseum, this stage is located in California.


The factory is owned by Cherry Dynamics. It manufactures robots for the company. One day the factory's mainframe known as M.O.M. was infected by a mysterious computer virus. It went out of control and began manufacturing rogue robots and releasing it into the city causing great havoc.

Desperate, the CEO of the company, Gregory Graham, contacted SANDA Technologies for help. They obliged and dispatched Dr. White, Beck and the rest of the Mighty Numbers to take control of the situation and restore the factory to its normal state.

The team fought through the facility until they reached the factory mainframe. There they discovered that the factory was now capable of designing its own robots due to the virus and was using this new ability to build an army of deadly killer robots. It then deployed a Nameless battle robot to defend itself, building and replacing it with a new one as Beck destroyed them. Ultimately Beck won and cured the mainframe, stopping the chaos.


Stage Theme
The Machine Draws Near

Stage Theme (Retro Version)
The Machine Draws Near (Retro Version)


  • The Robot Factory is, along with the Radio Tower and Water Works Bureau, one of three stages that includes sub-bosses, as well as the only stage with two sub-bosses.
  • Part of the Mighty No. 9 Main Theme music sounds in the melody of this level.

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