The Headquarters of SANDA Technologies is where the Doctors and Call conduct their operations and support Beck while he's out on a mission. It also serves as the game's hub screen.


The HQ is divided into 3 sections. Each are hosted by a character.

Options ScreenEdit

Miscellaneous features such as Game Options, General Options and the Back to Title button are located here. Various Patch robots are being maintained here. This section is hosted by Call who is operating a single wheeled mobile computer interface.

Stage Select ScreenEdit

This is where the player selects the stages. It contains a large screen monitor displaying the world map, Specifically that of the United States of America, with the locations of the Mighty Numbers indicated by their symbols. This section is hosted by Dr. Sanda.

EX Mode ScreenEdit

This is where the challenge modes are located. You can also check the leaderboard from here. It's filled with piled up cardboard boxes. This section is hosted by Dr. White. He is seen here seated on a box operating a holographic laptop.


  • After completing the Prison or the Robot Factory stage, each of the section's hosts are replaced by Patch robots as the previous hosts are out on the field.
  • Schematics of two scrapped Call designs can be seen being displayed on holographic windows on the walls. They can be clearly seen from the cutscenes taking place at the lab or on the stage select section of the game. These are designs "E", created by Hideki Ishikawa, and "H", created by Shinsuke Komaki. These designs placed second and third, respectively, in the Call Design Community Voting Contest. In game, their schematics are labeled with the initials of their creators.

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