Twin Mixer
Twin Mixer
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
• Technical data•
Xel AcXel Shoot
HP  ???
Affiliation Cherry Dynamics
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9

Mighty Gunvolt Burst


Twin Mixers are a type of enemy in Mighty No. 9. They appear in the Mine stage.

Description Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They're similar to the Moles from Mega Man 2. However, unlike the Moles, they don't respawn and their spawning point doesn't change based on the player position.
  • On Mighty Gunvolt Burst, their behavior seem to be completely different. Instead of popping out of the floor and ceilings, they jump from the bottom of pits when the player is near to them. Similar to many enemies in several Mega Man games.

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