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  • Arceus dis pokemon

    This Sunday 2 July, Inti Creates will be talking about a new entry in Gal*Gun series, this time entering into the virtual reality.

    However, I personally doubt this will be the only announcement, I think that there's a pretty solid chance they announce the Ekoro DLC for Mighty Gunvolt Burst for two reasons:

    • Ekoro is the mascot of the Gal*Gun series
    • The presentation will be aout a VR game, and virtual reality is the main theme of the Mighty Gunvolt Burst plot

    I wonder if Ekoro will have her own story, or the same situation as Blaster Master Zero will repeat, where the DLC characters appeared in the Blaster Master universe without any explanation.

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  • Arceus dis pokemon

    A year has passed since that fateful day where Mighty No. 9 was finally released. People though that the day would never come, but the game did it come, and people were very upset. But there's no need to be upset, Mighty Gunvolt Burst has renewed fans' hopes on the franchise, and after a long deafening silence, Comcept has announced that the handheld version and the physical rewards are on their way.

    What can we expect from this anniversary? An announcement for a new game? A sneak-peek of the animated series? A patch for the game? Put the game on sale so you can share the "mightyness" with all your friends?

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  • Arceus dis pokemon

    Could anyone identify what is this thing hidden in the Mighty Gunvolt Burst promo art? Right next to Cryosphere, behind Gunvolt.

    It doesn't look like any Mighty No. 9 enemy that I can recall, maybe is from ASG or ASG2?

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