Look, I know what this sounds like; but to clarify, I'm speaking of the roughness towards Mighty No. 9 at this point and time. As I'm sure those of you that still come to this wiki are aware, it recently came a less than pleased crowd. There've been claims of betrayal and hatred left and right for far too long, and the week's not even over yet! I say no more, and decided it was best to bring to light some things that the fans may have forgotten during Mighty's days in development hell.

First of all, guys, it was a KICKSTARTER! I admit it was handled better than expected (as in, it actually got off the damn ground), but even a successful backing is no guarantee of success. And since Keiji, smart, ingenious and adroit as he is, wasn't exactly the best at marketing. Hence why the trailer looked to Zod-awful, and his words seemed less than promising for the release.

Secondly, do keep in mind that with this realization that even the best Kickstarter has no guarantee of success, that also means that it won't necessarily meet up with what many of us hoped would happen with the game. Certain things have to be cut either because they wanted to actually release the bleedin' game, or because there simply wasn't enough time to do so without causing more delays. And we don't want anymore of those, now, do we?

Thirdly, regarding the glitches; you will note that most of said glitches are with the Wii U version, and most other versions work fine. Really, the only crime being committed so far is that Keiji flew too high, and reached a bit too far to make this a success. I admire his ambition, don't get me wrong, but his big leap may have been a bit too costly.

Fourthly, I keep hearing complaints of terrible graphics; when in truth...I really don't see much of an issue. Okay, I don't claim myself to be a game developer; and as such, am not the best judge on the matter. But I do know that say that this is less terrible, and more slightly unfinished.

Really,I think most of the hatred/complaints for the game are based on their overly high expectations. Unfortunately, that's a nasty side effect of being in development hell for so long. As a whole, though? It's a pretty good game and a decent homage to Megaman. How do I say this? Well, to be honest....I never really grew up with Megaman. I sadly only knew all his games were a thing long after the fact, as I was born at a time with Megaman was at an all-time low in terms of being in game stores. Suffice it to say, I respect the series more than I play it, but I still respect it nonetheless.

With this in mind, I had few expectations when it came to this game; I expected Inafune to be behind it, I expected a good homage to Megaman, and I expected an all-around fun game. And you know what? I got that.

The bosses as characters were fun (albeit some of their dialogue could get a tad tedious at times, though not nearly as bad X7.); mostly due to their voice actors, but still; the gameplay was fast, tight and responsive (though the level design could use a little work); and the story, while cliched... It's an homage to Megaman, of course its first game will take one or two liberties from its original inspiration!

Oh, and for those of you that still say that this is a bad game, lemme explain this to you: Given how long it was in development, and how it wasn't rushed in any way unlike certain..other pet projects (Sonic 06, anyone?), this could have been a HELL of a lot worse! Let's just be thankful it didn't turn out like Duke Nukem Forever.

And I do hope those of you on here will consider that next time you judge this game on grounds that Keiji simply couldn't pull off due to overly ambitious attempts.

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