Variation Code: Cryosphere
Obtained From Cryosphere
Usable By RAY
Effective Against Battalion, M.O.M., Trinity
Games Mighty No. 9

Variation Code: Cryosphere is a Variation Code used in Mighty No. 9. It is obtained by defeating Mighty No. 2, Cryosphere, as RAY. Beck's equivalent is ReXelection: Cryosphere.


Upon transformation, RAY's buster arm changes to a spiked water container with a valve-spout that has four spikes erupting out of it.


This forms works almost the same as Beck's version, with the added extras as that RAY can shoot three ice balls on screen and the balls would bounce away from the enemy upon impact to freeze them. RAY would have to wait for a few seconds for the ice balls to melt before shooting another.

Ice shards would erupt from the appearance on enemies that were hit by the ice balls and they will take damage over time. Their movement speed will lessen drastically.,

When an enemy's health is fully depleted with this weapon, they will be frozen, allowing the player a larger window to get a 100% absorption on them. Bosses (with the exception of Battalion) and some other enemies, however, cannot be frozen.

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