Vernier Head and Pliers Head
バニアヘッド / プライヤヘッド
Baniaheddo / Puraiyaheddo
Vernier and Plier
Vernier Head (left) and Pliers Head (right)
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
• Technical data•
HP  ???
Affiliation Cherry Dynamics
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9
Vernier Head and Pliers Head are robots that are encountered twice as dual sub-bosses in the Water Works Bureau stage.

Boss Battle Edit

Vernier Head and Pliers Head move along the left and right walls, respectively, to strike at a damaging ball that bounces between them. The ball may ricochet off of the floor and ceiling several times as it travels across the room. Occasionally, Vernier Head and Pliers Head will begin to glow yellow, signifying that they have entered a powered up state. They will remain in this state for a short time, during which they will strike the ball with greater force, causing it to travel much more quickly and leave a yellow trail as it moves. The two heads have separate health bars and destroying one will leave the other to strike the ball alone. When this happens, the remaining head will enter the powered up state permanently and the ball will simply ricochet off of the opposite wall to make its way back to them.

Vernier Head and Pliers are encountered a second time in another room in the Water Works Bureau stage. Their behavior in this encounter is exactly the same as it is in their first encounter. However, they are now joined by Cryosphere, who will fire balls of ice at the player from above. If the ice ball misses, it will stick to the floor where it landed as a hazard. The ice ball will freeze the player solid on contact, leaving them immobile and vulnerable until they manage to break out. Cryosphere cannot be damaged in any way during this fight, but she will leave the area when Vernier Head and Pliers Head are defeated, ending the battle.


  • They're based on the classic arcade game Pong.

Gallery Edit

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